SS7 CELL1 Thursday:25-02-2010 Session Time: 10.50-1.00

Interactions between charged surfaces induced by nanoparticles
Ales Iglic
Jasna Urbanija , Sarka Perutkova , Klemen Bohinc, P.B. Sunil Kumar, Veronika Kralj-Iglic
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Computational Modeling of Cellular Loads in Large Deformation Experiments
Amit Gefen
Noa Slomka
Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Cytoskeletal reorganization drives dynamic local shape changes
Doron Kabaso
Roie Shlomovitz, Tamar Yelin, Thorsten Auth, Virgilio Lew, Nir Gov
Weizmann Institute of Science , Israel

Modelling of inverted hexagonal phospholipid phase including lipid anisotropy
Sarka Perutkova
Ales Iglic, Matej Daniel, Veronika Kralj-Iglic
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Modeling cytoskeletal as a semi-flexible fiber networks with mobile cross-linkers
Sunil Kumar P. B.
Jan Astrom and Mikko Karttunen
IIT, India

Design of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
Andy L. Olivares
Josep A. Planell ; Damien Lacroix
Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona

Mathematical modelling of shape transformation of lipid vesicles induced by mechanical and thermodynamic stimuli
Wojciech Gozdz

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poloand

Predicting mechanisms to restore tissue mass and architecture during liver regeneration: from experiments to virtual tissues and back
Dirk Drasdo
S. Hoehme, M. Brulport, A. Bauer, I. von Recklingkhausen, E. Bedawy, W. Schormann, M. Hermes, V. Puppe, R. Gebhardt, S. Zellmer, M. Schwarz, E. Bockamp, T. Timmel, J. G. Hengstler
INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) , France