We are pleased to announce the following prizes:

The Arup prizes for

  • Outstanding contribution to Applied Biomechanics" (€ 700)

  • L. Bonitz
    S. Weihe, E.-P. Franz, F. Birk, N. BenSalah, C. Mueller, S. Hassfeld
    285 MINI
    "Individualization of Surgical Procedures in Maxillofacial Surgery with 3D Finite Element Analysis"
    Klinikum Dortmund gGmbH, Germany


  • Best poster presentation" (€ 350) (shared)
    In Seok Han
    Young Eun Kim, Soo-Won Chea
    113 DATA
    "Development of an Elderly Human Thorax Model Including Internal Organ to Predict Belt Loading Injury"
    Dankook University, Korea

    Alexandre Delalleau
    Labrune, Josse, Lagarde
    24 TISS
    "A fiber-based viscoelastic model for the analysis of skin mechanical properties"
    Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, France

  • The Taylor & Francis prize for
  • Outstanding innovation in computer methods in biomechanics & biomedical engineering" (€ 700)
  • (shared)

    Liesbet Geris
    Tim Clarke, Joanna Ashbourn
    181 SS7CELL2
    "Mathematical modelling of cell aggregates for bone tissue engineering using continuum methods"
    Universite de Liege, Belgium

    E. Marchandise
    J-F Remacle, C. Geuzaine
    81 SS11SIMP
    "Quality meshing of medical geometries with harmonic maps"
    Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

    The Meditech prizes for "Best student presentations"

  • First prize: € 500

  • Lowell Edgar
    Scott C. Sibole, Clayton J. Underwood, James E. Guilkey, Jeffrey A. Weiss
    158 SS7CELL2
    "Simulating the influence of the extracellular matrix on 3D angiogenesis in vitro"
    University of Utah, USA
  • Second prize: € 200

  • Frederic Maes (Pascal Verdonck received the Prize on be half of Frederic Maes)
    F. Deboeverie, B. Chaudhry, P. Van Ransbeeck, P. Verdonck
    128 SS6CARD
    "Embryonic hearts: how do they pump?"
    University College of Ghent, Belgium

  • Third prize: € 100

  • Y. Lu
    Hanxing Zhu, Stephen Richmond, John Middleton
    116 SS1 BIOL1
    "Modelling the fibre orientation arrangement of skeletal muscles using FEM-NURBS method"
    Cardiff University, UK