Information for presenters:

All papers will be entered for the prizes.

Oral presentations

To maintain the schedule of the symposium, authors presenting papers are urged to time their talks such that a few minutes are reserved for short questions at the end. Invited papers are scheduled for 25 minutes (20 mins, 5 mins questions) and other papers for 15 minutes (12 mins, 3 mins questions). Since each paper will be available to the participants in the symposium proceedings, the presentations should concentrate on communicating only the major features of the work.

The lecture rooms will contain a PC laptop connected to a data projector, but you could use your own laptop if you prefer. If you wish to use the laptop provided then please bring your presentation file on either a USB Key (Pen Drive/Flash Drive) or on CD-ROM. Our CMBBE AVA team lead by Frank Hartles will be there to provide any technical assistance.

Poster presentations

Poster presentations will be placed on vertical boards with maximum display dimensions of 900mm X 900mm.

Your Poster should contain the title of the presentation, the authors and authors affiliation. All diagrams should be clearly presented and it is suggested that the smallest font size on the poster is 14.