SS6 CARD Saturday:27-02-2010 Session Time: 8.30 – 10.30

Finite Element Analysis of Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Regeneration
Mazin Sirry
Peter Zilla, Thomas Franz
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Functional imaging of the respiratory system using computational fluid dynamics: assessment of the long term effect of small particle inhalation medication
Jan de Backer
Wim Vos; Annick Devolder; Lieve De Backer; Samir Vinchurkar; Paul Germonpré; Wilfried De Backer
FluiDA, UK

Large-eddy simulation of stenotic pulsatile flow
Md. Abdul Hye
Manosh C. Paul
University of Glasgow, UK

Massively parallel electromechanical model of the heart
Ruth Aris
M. Vázquez, P. Lafortune, P. Villar, G. Houzeaux, D. Gil, J. Garcia-Barnès, M. Ballester, F. Carreras
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

A Simulation of Blood Flow Effect to Aneurysm in Thrombosed Dissected Thoracic Aorta
Futoshi Mori
Hiroshi Ohtake, Junichiro Sanada, Keiichi Kimura, Osamu Matsui, Go Watanabe, Teruo Matsuzawa
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Embryonic hearts: how do they pump?
Frederic Maes
F. Deboeverie, B. Chaudhry, P. Van Ransbeeck, P. Verdonck
University College of Ghent, Belgium

A Simulation of Heart Motion Interacting with Cardiomyocyte Behavior on Eulerian Based Fluid-Structure Analysis
Kiyoshi Kumahata
Koji Nishiguchi, Shigenobu Okazawa, Akira Amano, Teruo Matsuzawa
Japan Advanced Institute of Sciene and Technology, Japan

A model of the hydrocephalus brain with endoscopic third ventriculostomy
Shaokoon Cheng
Lynne Bilston
Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Australia