SS3 SPIN2  Friday:26-02-2010 Session Time: 4.20-7.10

Experimental validation of finite element models of Thoracolumbar vertebrae
Sami Tarsuslugil
C.A.Hanlon, D.B.Barton, R.K.Wilcox
University of Leeds, UK

A new 3D method of manufacturing of the trunk orthosis
B. Colobert
P. Violas, D. Vervaeke, D. Loiseau, J.J. Dufournet, L. Rakotomanana
IRMAR, Université de Rennes, France

Significance of the collagen criss-cross angle distributions in the lumbar annuli fibrosi as revealed by finite element simulations
Jérôme Noailly
Josep A. Planell, Damien Lacroix
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Spain

Comparison of Two Trunk Biomechanical Models in Lifting: Evaluation of Assumptions and Estimations
Navid Arjmand
Gagnon D., Plamondon A., Shirazi-Adl A., Larivière C.
IRSST, Canada

Nonlinear Structural Finite Element Modeling of the Human Annulus Fibrosus
Wesley Womack
Christian Puttlitz
Colorado State University, USA

Biomechanical evaluation of a customized nucleus implant with a parametric lumbar spine model
Carolina Avila
Emilio Mas, María Blanco, Stefano Deotti, Iñigo Morales, Javier Ferrís-Oñate, Carlos Atienza
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Biphasic swelling model for the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc
Julien Vignollet
Chris Pearce, Zaoyang Guo, Phil Riches
The University of Glasgow, UK

Influence of the disk geometry on different FEM models of the spine
Alessandro Naddeo
Nicola Cappetti, Francesco Naddeo, Giovanni Francesco Solitro
UNISA, Italy