SS3 SPIN1  Thursday:25-02-2010 Session Time: 4.20-7.10

Finite element modeling of the human vertebral body: research and clinical approaches
Philippe Zysset


In-vivo load cases for orthopedic device design
Sebastian Dendorfer

ABT, Denmark

Degenerative changes of the lumbar intervertebral disc: a parametric finite element study
Fabio Galbusera
Hendrik Schmidt, Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke, Hans-Joachim Wilke
University of Ulm, Germany

Valid µFinite Element Models of Vertebral Trabecular Bone can be Obtained Using Tissue Properties Measured With Nanoindentation Under Wet Conditions
Uwe Wolfram
Hans-Joachim Wilke, Philippe K. Zysset
Ulm University, Germany

The lumbar spine during daily activities – a finite element analysis
Hendrik Schmidt
Aboulfazl Shirazi-Adl, Fabio Galbusera and Hans-Joachim Wilke
University of Ulm, Germany

The annulus fibrosus stabilizes lumbar motion segments treated with artificial disc replacement
Ugur Ayturk
Christian Puttlitz
Colorado State University, USA

Influence of the mechanical definition of functional spinal unit on the musculoskeletal model of the cervical spine
F. Marin
N. Hoang , MC Ho Ba Tho
Université de Technologie de Compičgne, France

Computational Analysis of Stress and Bone Remodeling During an Anterior Cervical Fusion
L. Espinha
P. C. Fernandes, P. R. Fernandes and J. Folgado
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal