DATA  Friday:26-02-2010 Session Time: 10.50-1.00

Design of a intelligent high speed data acquisition system
Ruhi Mahajan
Sarvan Kumar Pahuja
Amdedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar,India

Development of a new method for imaging the bone-cement interface under load for FE model validation
S. Sikora
Jin ZM, Wilcox RK
Leeds University, UK

Reproducibility of landmark identification on different CT images of the head in three-dimensional cephalometry
Sofie Van Cauter
Walter Okkerse, Guy Brijs, Matthieu De Beule, Benedict Verhegghe, Marc Braem
IBiTech Belgium

Features of ageing female car drivers for computational modelling
Volkan Esat
Jiling Feng, B Serpil Acar
Loughborough University, UK

Computational modelling and analysis of pregnant traveller in railway vehicles
B Serpil Acar
Volkan Esat
Loughborough University, UK

Nonlinear FE modelling of deformation behaviour of trabecular bone microstructure compared to time-lapse micro-CT measurements
Ondrej Jirousek
Daniel Kytyr, Petr Zlamal
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

On the numerical simulation of multidimensional and complex models in biomechanics
Rolf Krause
Johannes Steiner
University of Lugano, Switzerland

Back muscles potential activity consideration in side posture for determining of muscles relaxation and fatigue on soft &firm mattresses
Rahele Alamdari
Karim Leilnahari, Nasser Fatouraee
Islamic Azad University, Iran

Pressure response analysis in head injury
C. Pearce
P.G. Young, J. Price, B. Walker and L. Beldie
Exeter University, UK

Computational Modeling of Ardipithecus Ramidus: A Revolution in Evolution
Shawn McGuan

LifeModeler, Inc. USA