BIOL 1 Wednesday:24-02-2010 Session Time: 10.50am-1.00pm

Mechanical Stimulation and Bone Regeneration inside Scaffold: A Combined In Vivo Experiment and Multi-Scale Finite Element Analysis
Alireza Roshan Ghias
Alexandre Terrier, Brigitte Jolles-Haeberli, Dominique P. Pioletti
Ecole Polytechnique, Switzerland

Finite Element Simulations of the Deformation of the Diaphragmatic Floor in Healthy and Pathological Conditions
M.P.M. Pato
N.G.S. Santos, E.B. Pires, P. Areias, M. de Carvalho, S. Pinto, D.S. Lopes
Instituto Superior TÚcnico, Portugal

Influence of different pressures of tympanic cavity at the biomechanical behavior of the human middle ear
Carolina Garbe
Fernanda Gentil, Marco P.L. Parente, Pedro A.L.S. Martins, Renato M. N. Jorge
IDMEC, FEUP, Portugal

Simulation of female pelvic floor contraction
Thuane da Roza
R. Natal Jorge, M. Parente, C. Saleme, M. Pinotti, A. Filho, T. Mascarenhas

Construction of a 3D Model from Medical Images, and simulation of kinematics of the knee joint
Helder Mata
R. Natal Jorge & S. Santos & A. Sousa & F. Raposo
University of Porto, Portugal

Modelling the fibre orientation arrangement of skeletal muscles using FEM-NURBS method
Y. Lu
Hanxing Zhu, Stephen Richmond, John Middleton
Cardiff University, UK

Finite element studies of a hip joint with femoro-acetabular impingement of the cam type
J.P. Jorge
F.M.F. Sim§es, E.B. Pires, D.S. Lopes and P.A. Rego
Instituto Superior TÚcnico, Portugal

Method for mechanical characterization of pre-meshed tissues based on CT scanning
Nicola Cappetti
Alessandro Naddeo, Francesco Naddeo, Giovanni Francesco Solitro
UNISA, Italy